What you’ll find at LLC:

You won’t want to miss this exciting and informative gathering featuring locally, regionally, nationally and internationally known presenters addressing issues of concern and importance to leaders, educators, activists and members of the lifestyle wherever they live.

Through out the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to meet group leaders, authors, instructors and activists from across the country. Our workshops are as diverse as our community. From information on starting a group or planning an event to classes on sharpening your motivational skills or learning how to make your point when speaking to the media.  You’ll leave the LLC inspired to make a difference in your community and with the knowledge, tools and contacts you need to make it happen.



In 1996, John Weis and his NYSMA colleagues conceived a new conference.  They joined forces to produce the first Leather Leadership Conference. Their goal was to produce training sessions for current and potential leaders of the SM/Leather/Fetish community. The first conference, held in NYC, drew more than 40 participants.

Elated, John sought input from others and continued the concept. In 1998 the LLC II conference, also in NYC, drew 125 people and produced two policy statements, “The Difference Between SM and Abuse” and “BDSM Education”.

In 1999, the conference moved to San Francisco, attracting approximately 275 participants. At the same time, the informal Board of Governors decided to formalize the organization. Leather Leadership Conference, Inc. was incorporated, and its 501(c)(3) status is pending with the IRS.

A record number of 306 participants attended LLC 2000 (LLC-IV) in Washington, D.C. The conference introduced several new twists, including the very successful poster sessions and the establishment of a permanent website for the organization. Planning to expand the Leather Leadership Conference, the Board voted to expand to nine positions. Openings were announced and nominations were solicited, with selections to be made in June.

2013 brought about many changes to LLC. The Board voted to consolidate resources to better serve the community and the decision was made to find a permanent home for the Conference to provide ongoing continuity.  In doing so it eliminated the need for a local organizing committee which in turn gave birth to the LLC Living Leadership Fund creating a college scholarship fund to assist in educating the next generation of leaders, educators and activists. To that end, beginning in 2014, the Living Leadership Fund has awarded four $1000 scholarships to scholarship applicants. (as of 5/29/2016)  The first scholarship awarded was in Memory of Jack McGeorge, former LLC Board Member and activist.

NOTE: To make a scholarship contribution or create a Legacy Scholarship please contact the Board at board@leatherleadership.org