LLC College Scholarships & Registration Grants

BECOME A SPONSOR – You make a difference!

We encourage groups and/or individuals to donate to sponsor those who apply for registration grants who would be challenged financially to attend without your support and also to support our annual college scholarship.


Living Leadership College Scholarship
The Jack McGeorge College $1000 Scholarship was awarded at LLC 2014 in Philly.   The first recipient was Irish Gypsy.  The original funding came from the Southeast Regional Organizing Committee(SROC) of the Nashville Conference held in 2012.  Subsequent funding has been generated from the “Living Leadership” pin sales, donations and auction proceeds.

The $1000 Vendor College Scholarship was created from the 2015 Friday night auction proceeds!

A group or individual can name a college or tech school scholarship in memoriam with the donation of $1000. Who would you like to honor? (Scholarships can be created for special interest groups or demographics.)Donations of other amounts will go to into the fund sustaining college or tech school scholarships supporting our community.

Scholarship Application available on FORMS tab under Current Registration


Registration Grants
$100 – Sponsor a registration grant package – each $100 sponsorship allows LLC to help grant applicants to attend conference with your help – Groups and individuals encouraged to support this sponsorship.


Donations for scholarships or grants may be made via checks or Paypal.

Just designate in your donation scholarship, grant of Living Leadership Fund.

Paypal? Just click here . . .