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The LLC Board has an annual election to fill Director positions that are either vacant or Board members are no longer eligible to be re-elected to another term.



You just might be a GREAT board member if you . . .

  • are interested serving your community
  • you can help set the tracks and develop programs that can help new and existing leaders to evolve and inspire others to learn new skills, network with others and establish contacts and friendships
  • can make time twice a year to gather for Board meetings
  • can respond to correspondence in a timely manner (48 hour work week format)

Board requirements and timeline:

The Board of Directors of Leather Leadership Conference actively seeks applications to fill upcoming vacancies and openings to the Board. Applications for the Board of Directors are being accepted until February 28, 2017.

All applicants for Board of Directors are encouraged to be attend the annual Conference. Are you are interested in making a difference and helping to shape the future of the LLC? Are you interested in working behind the scenes? Accept this invitation to Meet the Board of the Leather Leadership Conference.

Board terms begin with a 1 year term.  One may apply for 2 additional 3 year terms.

No Board member may serve more than 1 one year term and 2 consecutive 3-year terms(total of 7 years). It is the goal of the Board of Directors to ensure that we have the best team possible to meet the upcoming goals.

Board members meet in person twice annually. Once at the conference and a mid-year meeting. Other Board and Conference business may be conducted via email, phone call or other means to facilitate Organization business.

Applicants will have the opportunity to meet with current Board members during the Conference. Voting will be done at the conference and then conveyed to applicants with the results announced at closing ceremonies

Board members are volunteers. This is an unpaid position.  LLC does provide Board members with registration +1 for their service as well as hotel during the two annual Board meetings and defrays some ancillary expenses related to those meetings.

Board application:
To receive an application please send email request to