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Leather Leadership Conference XI
April 20 – 22, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Leather Leadership Conference XI
April 20 – 22, 2007, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Art of Sharing Power…a Work in Progress…

Art! It speaks to our souls, portrays passion, cultivates creativity and embraces excellence through perseverance. Leadership is not only a talent, it’s an art; an art that requires our hearts and souls, creative approaches limited only by our imagination, rehearsals, and the willingness to continue beyond the edge of what we can see. Leadership is also about sharing power. It’s about empowering those we lead, and being empowered by those who follow.

So can a culture that dissects power, plays with power and exchanges power also work with the idea of sharing power?

Minneapolis is proud to host the eleventh Leather Leadership Conference. As we begin a new decade of developing leather leadership skills, we acknowledge that like art, sharing power is a skill that grows when it’s nurtured. The art of sharing power benefits through creativity, practice and exploration of various approaches. Understanding how leadership and power interact is to understand the contexts in which we can paint boldly, when to contemplate and appreciate, and how to integrate the two. Like art, practice and perseverance at sharing power will result in a lifetime of growth – or a continual work in progress!


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December 22, 2006
Draft of Presentations now posted (Excel document)

December 22 , 2006
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December 22 , 2006
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