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Leather Leadership Conference Six!

Los Angeles      April 12-14, 2002

Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel

Mission Statement

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LLC Six a rousing success!

The weather was beautiful, the attendees were happy, the protestors were non-existent, and the LLC Six staff, although a little bedraggled from a long weekend, were ecstatic. We had approximately 230 attendees, from 23 states (and the UK!) , who were representatives for over 140 clubs/organizations/businesses/titleholders. There were 42 excellent workshops, over 10 posterboard presentations, and a roomful of well known authors on hand to discuss their books and autograph them for their fans.

We wish to thank all of the attendees for making this conference a weekend to remember, and our presenters for providing such thought provoking, inspirational and educational workshops. A special thanks to all of the volunteers from Avatar, Threshold, OCLA, LA Boys of Leather, LARAWW, Oedipus M/C, Club X, L.A.S.H. AKISS BDSMWest, California B&B Corp, Dualities, GLO, Inner Circle, La Saire, LOBOC M/C, Regiment of Black & Tans, San Diego League of Gentlemen, and the San Diego Boys of Leather, who were instrumental in helping the LLC Six committee (George, Olga, Carlos, Dave, David, Keith and Larry) to make this a weekend to remember, we couldn't have done it without you!

We also wish to thank Bart Astor, the LALC chair, for organizing our sponsors and preparing the program booklet, and finally our sponsors, (in alphabetical order) Arena Editions, Avatar Club Los Angeles, Cleo Dubois Academy, CM Hurt, Colt Studios, Dominion, Faultline Bar, GMSMA /www., Jagermeister, JT's Stockroom,, Living in Leather, Lolita's Predictions and Predilections, Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Mr. LA Leather 2003, Mr. S Leather, New England Leather Alliance, OCLA, P.L.A.Y. c/o MCC L.A., Pride Foundation, Satyrs M/C, SM Odyssey, TES Foundation, Threshold Society, Thunder Bay Studios, and Zeus Studios. Your generous support was sincerely appreciated.

As soon as we have finalized all of the data, we'll let you know more details. In the meantime, we'll all get a good nights sleep, get used to walking around without headsets, and start to compile all of the data we'll be sending to the National Board and the LLC Seven organizing committee.

Talk to you soon! The LLC Six Committee

Anaheim Hills, CA 92808




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