October Program

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Theme: Event Production

When: October 17th, 3 PM - 7 PM EST



3:00 - 3:05 PM EST: Opening with Sir Volt


3:05 - 4:20 PM EST: Class 1

"Social Media & Online Oopsies for Cons"

You're the proud owner of Kinky-LeatherCon, you've got your venue all picked out, top of the line vendors ready to sell their hearts out, and big name educators and performers that are sure to wow, but when it comes to ticket sales Kinky-LeatherCon is starting to look like Kinky-LeatherCan't. In this class we'll cover the common online oopsies that conventions make, preventing them from pulling in the big numbers they desire. Whether it's keeping up with the latest social media trends, getting lost in a sea of hashtags, or getting your timing just right, we'll take Kinky-LeatherCon from "ain't nobody got time for that" to "Yaaaas Honey!"

Presented by Ignixia

Ignixia is an internationally renowned professional kink educator. While leatherwork has provided a means to live, education and outreach fuel her passion for life. When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she volunteers 2 days per week at the Woodshed Orlando as a DM and educator. Locally she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups. Yearly she donates products to multiple events’ charity funds and recently created the Kinky Coexist design reminding us to always work together.


4:30 - 5:45 PM EST: Class 2

"Event Organization and Management"

This class will help guide you to creating a successful event from the smallest to the largest size. Take this opportunity to learn from the organizers of one of the best events in the country and see how its success enables them to take an entire hotel each year for 12 years running.
Learn basic steps to make any event, even the smallest, not only a success for you but the community we serve.

Presented by Sir Top & slave bonnie

Sir Top and slave bonnie have presented over 100 workshops around the country since 2003. Together they own Beyond Leather, the International Power Exchange contest, and New Beginnings TLC, a 501c3 transgender resource center which started in Feb 2012 as a surgical recovery center that had almost 1000 patients. They hold the 2007 Master/slave title, Pantheon Couple of the Year Award 2010 and both have extensive knowledge of event coordination, what works and what doesn’t.


5:45 - 6:00 PM EST: Break


6:10 - 7:00 PM EST: Afterglow Discussion with Presenters and Master Cecil